tmux-resurrect crashes in tmux 3.0

Jiří Málek · November 29, 2019

If you are using tmux plugin tmux-resurrect and you have upgraded tmux to version 3.0, you have probably noticed tmux server crashing while restoring sessions with error message [server exited unexpectedly]. Fortunately, the problem has been identified and a fix is coming. But until then, here is a workaround for macOS users.


The best way to install software on macOS is to use brew. To downgrade to a previous version, there are 2 ways.

Install formulae with particular version

One way to install particular version of the software is to install it using brew install <name>@<version>. Sadly, formulae for older version of tmux doesn’t exist.

brew search tmux@2.9

    No formula or cask found for "tmux@2.9".
    Closed pull requests:
    Tmux 3.0 (
    tmux 2.9 (

Install from older revision of a formulae

To install tmux 2.9a, use the following steps:

brew uninstall tmux
brew install

tmux -V

    tmux 2.9a

To prevent from upgrading (until this is fixed), pin the version:

brew pin tmux

To unpin and upgrade:

brew unpin tmux
brew upgrade tmux
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