BrcmPatchRAM3 v2.5.0 + BCM94352Z / DW1560 is broken

Jiří Málek · November 26, 2019

If you own DW1560 (also branded as BCM94352Z or AW-CE162NF) and experience some issues with Bluetooth, check the version of the kext. I found out the hard way, it’s somewhat broken for DW1560.

macOS Catalina + BrcmPatchRAM2.kext

Once you upgrade to macOS Catalina, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext no longer works. You have to upgrade Bluetooth kexts to BrcmPatchRAM3.kext. I noticed that booting with BrcmPatchRAM3-v2.5.0 breaks the ‘Call from iPhone’ feature.

The bug has been reported

I contacted the author of the patches on and filed an issue on acidanthera’s BugTracker. So far, the cause hasn’t been identified.


Previous testing version BrcmPatchRAM3-V2.3.0d3 works fine for me. Bare in mind that to be able to download the file, you have to be logged in to

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